Call For Papers

Call for papers is now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal!

Call for papers for InnovateELT 2019 will open in autumn 2018. 

The conference title this year is ‘Fun?! Delight & struggle in ELT’ and we are especially welcoming sessions that examine the role of delight, struggle, pleasure and displeasure in all aspects of language learning and teaching. This could be around any of the following areas:

  • The meaning of fun, and the benefits of incorporating pleasure and delight into lessons and courses in ELT
  • The roles of challenge and struggle in ELT and the impact these have on learners
  • SLA theory and research into fun in learning
  • When and how best to incorporate fun and challenge into a learning experience, and how to get the balance right across different teaching and learning contexts
  • The impact (or lack thereof) of technology on engagement and pleasure in education
  • The role delight and pleasure can and should play in teacher motivation and teacher training

As was the case at iELT17, speakers will be asked to pay a discounted conference fee in order to attend; this is so that we can make the ticket price lower for all attendees and keep the event running.

Submission deadline


What are the formats?

We're requesting submissions for four different formats. You can submit a proposal for just a plenary, just one of the other options, or a plenary plus one of the other options (in which case, you will need to submit one form for each proposal).

60-minute talk with learners

These sessions will involve you teaching a class of 6–10 Spanish-speaking, B1/B2-level learners observed by delegates. The session should include opportunities for feedback and discussion of the lesson. The room will have an internet connection and a projector. The learners should be included in the feedback sections, which can be in groups or plenary or a combination.

60-minute workshop

Would you like to get your audience actually doing something during your session? Workshops should get attendees thinking and creating things themselves and in small groups. These sessions will be in rooms with internet connection and a projector and we can help you set up your room in the way that best facilitates your desired outcome.

45-minute drop-in sessions

This is a new format for iELT18. These are a collection of one hour hands on sessions that will be running simultaneously. Attendees will be encouraged to move between them, dropping in and out as they explore the different sessions. Maybe you are explaining how to use a particular tool or technique, maybe you’ve created a poster or short video describing some of the work you do or have done? Maybe you are demonstrating your own teaching strategies and activities. Maybe you have set up an activity that attendees can complete in their own time. The main thing is that the session is engaging and works with people dropping in and out.

30-minute talk

These sessions will be in rooms with internet connection and a projector. You don’t have to involve your audience in your talk, but they should leave with some clear benefit of having spent their time with you.

10-minute plenary

These will take place in the Oxford TEFL garden, speaking from a balcony in amongst the trees! You will have a microphone but no other technical aids. We are requesting submissions from people within and outside the ELT community and also, as was the case in 2017, from learners themselves.

Ready To Submit Papers?

All full paper submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, relevance to the theme of the conference, as well as the conference principles, that can be found in our manifesto. English is the official language of the conference. Please complete the form below and submit by 23:59 GMT on 10th December 2017. Successful applications will be contacted mid January 2018.